How Far Should A Pizza Oven Be From A House? (Explained) 2022

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:21 pm

When you consider the heat and smoke that may likely come out of a pizza oven, you would not want it in or around the house.

Still, many people would love to have it close to the home but can’t due to the dangers that are likely to occur.

These thoughts always birth the question, “how far should my pizza oven be from the house?”.

A pizza oven should have a relative distance of ten (10) feet from the house. This range can either be at the back of the house or in front; it depends on which is convenient for you. Always position the oven so that its entrance is faced away from home towards the wind direction.

Is Planning Permission required for a Pizza Oven?

planning permission

In rare cases, planning permission is required for a pizza oven. Planning permission is only needed within areas where the properties are conservative and have laws guiding the usage of properties.

Make sure you meet with the right authorities before you position your pizza oven in places where planning permission is required.

It is only proper to assume that you obtained planning permission before building your house. So you wouldn’t have to seek another planning permission to put up a pizza oven.

All you have to do is; follow the rules guiding a structure of that nature as recommended by the proper authorities.

The planning permission drafts out the comprehensive guide of the pizza oven. This guide includes how far it should be from the house and other structures.

You can quickly run into trouble with the local authorities when you do not follow these guidelines.

Where should I put my Outdoor Pizza Oven?


It would be best to position your outdoor pizza oven in an open dry space or any pavilion within your property.

You have to make sure that there should be a reasonable distance between the oven and the house. The place you are to put the outdoor pizza oven should also withstand high temperatures.

Before you choose a position for your outdoor pizza oven, you should put the following into consideration;

#1. Protection

It is not enough to find an open space for your pizza oven; you should still consider how secure it would be. So It is preferable if it’s under a structure with space and is big enough.

Such positioning offers extra protection during harsh weather conditions, and it is more convenient to operate.

#2. Accident

You are advised to build your pizza oven some distance from the house to avoid accidents. But this doesn’t mean it can’t occur outside the house.

So ensure to choose a clean spot where there are no dry grasses or wood. Doing this will help prevent any fire accident from the pizza oven.

#3. Landscape

The topography of the place you want your outdoor pizza oven to be at should be flat and tough.

Any cracked and heapy landscape would not be fit for your oven. It needs land that would withstand the weight and heat of the pizza oven.

#4. Accessibility

Your outdoor pizza oven should be easily accessible to people who want to make use of it.

So an open place will be the best position for it. I would recommend a spot around the poolside, which is very conducive and easy to access.

#5. Aesthetics

An oven is one of the many structures that add beauty to our houses. So make sure it is appropriately constructed and positioned in a very attractive place to the eyes. It also helps in adding to the financial value of your house.

To get the best result for the positioning of your outdoor oven, you should consider all the factors mentioned above.

Overlooking just one of these factors might ruin everything for you. So I recommend you follow the directives as drafted above.

How Much Space Do You Need For a Pizza Oven?

A space of about 7,000 to 9,000cm² is required for your outdoor pizza oven. This space is relevant in ensuring you can make enough pizza for just the family.

You will need more space for a pizza oven in a restaurant. The space used is proportional to the quantity of wood that will fit into the outdoor oven.

The spacing of a pizza oven can also be determined by the kind of shape you want your oven to take. For example, a pizza oven can be a round or rectangular barrel oven dome shape.

The rectangular-shaped oven requires more space than the round shape type of oven.

Although both shapes function similarly and offer high-quality pizza, you can use the rectangular type for baking more pizzas. Hence, it is primarily used in restaurants and other public places.

Moreover, with the amount of space a rectangular oven has, workers in restaurants would cope easily with the orders from customers.

You will also have to reserve space for other structures like a sink and barbecue. These structures will undoubtedly require more space for their construction.

So in determining the space for a pizza oven, you should have all these in mind. However, you should opt for the round barrel dome-shaped pizza oven for a family.

At least, this will help conserve some area and make your oven fit into the meager space you have.

Should you have enough space and prefer the rectangular shape, nothing stops you from building the rectangular pizza oven. It has a slight edge over the round-shaped oven in size and outlook.

Can a Pizza Oven be placed Under a Tree?

By all means, no! A pizza oven can not be placed directly under a tree, i.e., if you still love and value your tree. The tree will lose its green color and eventually die due to the oven’s smoke.

The best you can do is place it about three (3) feet from the tree so that there is no direct contact with the tree. It does not mean you can not have trees around your outdoor pizza oven.

On the contrary, it is very good to have trees around the place as it ventilates the area where you have your pizza oven. It is one of the beauties of having an outdoor pizza oven.

When your pizza oven works, it emits heat and makes the place hot. Such heat will make the place inconvenient for people to stay and relax.

But when you have trees around, it will help absorb the heat and make the place cool. So having trees around is an advantage.

Another benefit of having a tree around your outdoor pizza oven is its beauty to the environment. Do not mistake building the pizza oven directly under a tree.

If the tree is tall, you can site a pizza oven beneath it if you are sure to use it only seldomly. Still, I advise you rather avoid it completely!

In all of these, you should also know the kind of tree you have around the place of the oven. I want to bring to your notice that the roots of most trees grow just like the tree itself.

And if you have one of such around your built oven, It will creep into the structure and destroy it.

So If you are to consider a tree around your outdoor pizza oven, ensure it does not have a destructive root.

Prevention remains the best alternative in this situation. Do not build your pizza oven under a tree.


No matter how much of a pizza lover you are, the safety of your house should be the most relevant thing for you.

Therefore, before installing a pizza oven, you should consider that it shouldn’t be very close to the house. A distance of about ten (10) feet should be given from the house.

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