Why is Pizza Hut Pizza So Greasy? (Must Know This)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

When we talk about comfort food, pizza tops the list. However, many know that too much oil isn’t appealing to the palate. 

Thus, you may be unable to eat your pizza if you discover it is too greasy since it could also bring about health challenges.

Due to this, Pizza Hut fans will be curious as to whether the greasiness of their pizza is due to excess oil. 

Pizza hut pizzas are so greasy because of the ingredients used in the pizza preparation. This extra oiliness could come from the cheese, sausage, and other meat and dairy products you add to the pizza. Moreover, excessive addition of cooking also really contributes to the extra greasiness you find on your pizza.

In this article, I will explain why Pizza hut pizzas are too greasy. Also, I will be showing you how you can avoid this extra greasiness.

By the end of this article, you will be able to prepare a perfect pizza that you will find deliciously edible.

Why is Pizza from Pizza Hut so Greasy?

Why is Pizza Hut Pizza so Greasy

Pizza from pizza hut is very greasy because of the ingredients they use in preparing the pizza.

Any miscalculation in adding cheese, cooking oil, or other products, is just enough to make a perfectly cooked pizza greasy.

Let’s go over the ingredients that can cause greasiness in pizza.

#1. Cheese

You can consider cheese to be very fatty. Cheese has appropriately 33g of fat. Moreover, cheese is a crucial ingredient in making a Pizza hut pizza.

With that amount of fat the in the pizza, the pizza would likely be very greasy. However, cheese is not the only fatty element of a pizza.

Moreover, the cheese will be consistent as a pudding because of its fat-soluble nature. 

The cheese assumes this change when you dip it into hot liquid, which is essential in making pizza.

You should note that in 2019, Pizza Hut announced that they would pile a little more of their part skim cheese in the middle of their pizza.

The intention here was to make the pizza more gooey and greasy.

#2. Fatty Meat Toppings 

The pizza toppings always help add that finishing touch that attracts customers to the pizza.

Most of these Toppings are meat products such as sausages, pepperoni, or even bacon.

However, most of these meat toppings have extra fat, which makes the pizza greasy. For instance, pepperoni contains approximately 44g of fat.

#3. Excess Oil

Excess oil is the most common factor leading to a greasy pizza. When cooking pizza, it is essential to use oil. However, some people sometimes overdo it.

First, they add excess oil when cooking the pizza sauce. Next, they would add a large amount of oil when placing the cheese into the pizza. 

Moreover, pizza hut bakers may add the meat toppings with an extra splash of oil. 

What Does Pizza Hut Grease the Pans With?

Pizza Hut uses soybean oil to grease its pans. Statistics confirm that soybean oil contains many fatty acids, another reason Pizza Hut Pizza is so greasy.

You may wonder why pizza hut chooses to use soybean oil in their daily preparations of pizza. Many have confirmed that soybean oil has a lot of health benefits. 

Here are a few health benefits soybean oil provides for consumers:

  • First, soybean oil contains nutrients that could maximize bone health.
  • Second, soybean oil helps improve skin texture, tone, and general health.
  • Thirdly, soybean oil protects the skin from the dangerous side effects of Ultraviolet radiation. 
  • Finally, soybean oil is very adaptable. You can use it for many preparations.

However, despite the positive impact of soybean oil, there are many adverse effects associated with the oil as well.

The adverse effects of soybean oil are:

  • First, too much intake of soybean oil leads to chronic inflammation.
  • You are likely to become obese from consuming too much soybean oil.
  • Lastly, you could experience cognitive decline eventually. 

What Kind of Oil Does Pizza Hut Use on Pizza?

Pizza Hut uses two kinds of oil on its pizza: soybean oil and canola oil.

We have already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of soybean oil, so we will now talk about canola oil.

Canola oil, just like soybean oil, is known predominantly for its adverse health effects. Nevertheless, this does not mean that canola oil has no positives.

Here are a few advantages of using canola oil:

  • The nutrients present in canola oil help in improving the brain and the heart. Hence, you stand a lesser risk of getting brain or heart disease. 
  • The ALA component in the canola oil helps regulate your body’s sugar levels. Hence, you stand a lesser risk of getting diabetes. 
  • Canola oil contains the necessary amounts of Vitamin E and K.

Here are the disadvantages of using canola oil:

  • The imbalance in its nutrient composition could lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or even some heart diseases.
  • Excessive intake of canola oil can lead to obesity. 
  • Excessive intake of canola oil can lead to increased blood pressure and inflammation. 
  • Canola oil has some adverse effects on the memories of some persons, just as soybean oil does.

Below are the differences between canola oil and soybean oil:

Soybean OilCanola Oil
Soybean oil contains more Vitamin K per serving compared to canola oil.Compared to soybean oil, canola oil contains less Vitamin K per serving.
The soybean oil contains 1.2 milligrams of Vitamin EThe canola oil contains 1.2 milligrams of Vitamin E
The soybean oil contains 0.95 grams of Alpha-linolenic acid(ALA)Canola oil contains 1.3 grams of the ALA
The soybean oil contains 2.2 grams of fat per serving.The canola oil contains 1 gram of fat per serving.

How Do I Make Pizza Hut Pizza Less Greasy?

If you love to try out pizza recipes, you could make your own Pizza Hut pizza.

So, to make it less greasy, there are some fundamental cooking processes you will need to edit.

These processes are:

#1. Ensure you use Soft Ingredients 

Soothing ingredients are ingredients that contain less fat and oil. With these ingredients, your pizza won’t be overly greasy. 

You can use ingredients like tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and ricotta for your toppings. They contain less fat and make the pizza less greasy and more edible.

#2. Ensure you use traditional cheese in your Baking Process. 

Many people already know that processed foods come with more complications than solutions. 

In the case of cheese, it is best if you use traditional cheese while baking your pizza. Traditional cheese types include cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella cheese.

These traditional cheeses also come with the additional advantage of containing low moisture, which is perfect for your pizza-making process.

#3. Try to Use a Thicker Pizza Crust.

The thicker the crust, the less greasy the pizza will be. To get the right thickness for the pizza, ensure that you put a cooking rack on the pizza.

You can purchase the Oven Safe cooking rack here.

 After that, flip the rack when the crust is firm. This process will drain excess oil off the pizza and give you a less greasy pizza.

#4. Bake the Pizza at a High Temperature 

By baking the pizza at a high temperature, most excess fat and oil will fry away, adding to the crust’s crispness.

Nevertheless, ensure you only use this method when you study the kind of flour you use.


Does Extra Greasy Pizza Cause Health Complications?

Consuming extra greasy pizza can cause some health challenges for you in the long run. For example, you could become obese or have other deadly diseases.

Which Pizza Place is a Good Alternative to Pizza Hut?

Statistics have shown that people tend to prefer Domino to Pizza Hut. If you feel uncomfortable with Pizza Hut, you could always go to Domino.

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