These Peppers Are Used in The Most Chipotle Menu!

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Many people love Chipotle for its tasty and healthy meals. Most of the meals served at Chipotle are spicy and have a signature taste.

From Chipotle’s beans, vinaigrette, and barbacoa, to the chicken and steak, the pepper Chipotle uses for most of its menu contributes to giving the meals that signature taste customers have come to love.

The pepper that Chipotle uses for most of its menu items is jalapeno chili peppers. Chipotle uses ripe, red, dried, smoked jalapeno peppers for that spicy taste and color. There are also unripe green jalapeno peppers, but the ones used by Chipotle are ripe and smoked to make them dry. 

Which Pepper Makes Chipotle?

Which Pepper Is Used In The Most Chipotle Menu Items

The peppers that make chipotle are jalapeno peppers that have ripened to a bright red color and dried to obtain a crispy texture. 

The ripe jalapeno peppers are the peppers that Chipotle uses in almost all its dishes.

While it’s possible to use the unripe green jalapenos, Chipotle usually makes chipotle with the ripe red jalapenos. 

And to get that signature taste, smell, and savor, the jalapenos are usually smoked to make them dry and crispy before cooking. 

Because red jalapeno peppers are mostly used to make chipotle and several other dishes, dry smoked jalapeno peppers are called chipotle

You have to smoke the peppers because they have thick skins, and it will be impossible to dry them before they rot. 

And smoking the peppers means that they retain their original heat and flavor. That flavor is what is needed to give chipotle that smoky flavor.

Although red jalapenos are more popular for making chipotle, you can also use green jalapenos.

However, it will take more time to smoke green jalapenos. Also, the flavor will vary.

Does Chipotle Use Serrano Pepper?

The pepper most commonly used to make chipotle is red smoked jalapeno peppers, but other peppers are usable. In addition to jalapenos, Chipotle sometimes uses serrano peppers. 

Serrano peppers are almost like jalapenos, except that serrano peppers are a lot hotter than jalapeno peppers. 

Serrano peppers are at least five times hotter than jalapeno peppers, and since they are so hot, many recipes use jalapenos instead of serrano peppers. 

Most of the meals at Chipotle use pepper in the recipe. Chipotle often uses jalapenos for the items on the menu, but sometimes they use serrano peppers in some dishes. 

Serrano peppers are very good for making salsa because they are fleshy and spicy. In addition to salsa, many other Mexican dishes contain serrano peppers.

Serrano peppers are mostly green, but as they mature, they change color.

Thus, you can find serrano peppers in different colors like green, yellow, red, and even brown. 

Serrano peppers are small and slender but very hot. So, serrano peppers usually come into a recipe when you need something spicy and hot, but in very little quantity.

Most of the meals on Chipotle menu are spicy, but they mostly use jalapeno peppers because jalapenos are spicy and flavorful, especially the smoked jalapenos. 

But, jalapenos also have a sweet undertone; since they’re not very hot, the sweet taste can come out in the dishes. 

On the other hand, Serrano peppers are just hot, so they’re only used in a few special meals.

Are Chipotle Peppers The Same As Chili Peppers?

Chipotle peppers are not the same as chili peppers, although chipotle peppers are more like a processed variety of chili peppers. 

Chipotle peppers comprise jalapeno peppers, a variety of domesticated species of chili peppers.

Jalapenos are a variety of chili peppers, which are dried or smoked jalapeno peppers used to make chili peppers. There are several varieties of peppers from the chili species. 

The species of hot pepper, also known as capsicum annuum, has several other varieties, such as bell peppers, chilpetin, Thai peppers, jalapenos, and cayenne. 

In addition to those varieties, most new Mexican chile peppers belong to the chili peppers species. 

As such, chipotle peppers are not the same as chili peppers, there are several kinds of chili peppers, some of which Chipotle uses in its meals. 

Chipotle peppers are a product of one variety of chili peppers; jalapenos. Chipotle uses jalapeno peppers to make the world-famous Chipotle peppers.

The process of making chipotle peppers is quite simple. One can either sundry very ripe jalapenos or smoke them until they’re dry and crispy. 

Other chili peppers closely resemble jalapeno, such as serrano peppers. 

But, jalapenos are the most popular peppers with which to make Chipotle. And the best jalapeno peppers with which to make chipotle is the ripe red jalapeno. 

There are a few differences between the two. They’re spicy, and the color is better suited. Chipotle peppers are hot and spicy on the surface. 

And underneath, you can perceive the slightly burnt aroma of smoked jalapeno.

Chipotle PeppersChili Peppers
Are made with ripe red jalapeno peppersAre a species with several varieties
Chipotle peppers are dried and smokedChili peppers are usually fresh

What Color Peppers Does Chipotle Use?

Several items are on the chipotle menu; each meal uses a different type of pepper, and the colors also differ. 

Chipotle uses green bell peppers for their salads and veggies, and occasionally they use yellow and red below peppers depending on the menu. 

And their signature chipotle uses red jalapenos, not green ones.

Most people, especially amateur cooks, don’t always have a preference when choosing the type of peppers to use. Also, some people don’t always detect a difference. 

However, Chipotle uses red jalapenos for Chipotle. There isn’t much difference between red and green jalapenos. 

The only difference is that you need to harvest the green jalapenos, mostly unripe, while they’re still green.

But, you leave the red jalapenos on for more days until they turn red. 

Alternatively, you can harvest the green jalapenos and leave them in a bowl near a window until they turn red.

Either way, you’ll get red jalapenos which are preferable for making chipotle.

Of course, Chipotle can also use green jalapenos, but the red ones are better. 

Smoked dried jalapenos were a way of preserving jalapenos when there was a large harvest, and there was a danger of spoilage. 

Until someone discovered the smoky flavor brought to dishes, and since then, it has become an integral part of Mexican cuisine. 

And to get that particular smoky flavor, it must be ripe and smoked.

In addition to jalapenos, Chipotle uses other peppers in their meals, like bell peppers, serrano peppers, and others. 

They use green peppers, especially in salads, and they use serrano peppers in some others. 

Bell peppers usually come in many colors, like green, yellow, orange, brown, and red. But, the most popular color of bell pepper is green or red.

Serrano peppers are either green or red, and the red serranos are usually preferable. 

Which Is Hotter, Chipotle Or Jalapeno?

Jalapeno and Chipotle are on the same level of heat. Chipotle is not hotter than a jalapeno or vice versa.

That is because chipotle is just jalapeno peppers that have been dried and smoked to get some smoky flavor.

Chipotle peppers are as hot as regular jalapenos, and jalapeno peppers have a heat range of 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville heat units on the Scoville scale.

And chipotle is the same, both jalapenos and Chipotle are not extremely hot, but they have a regular amount of heat. Not too much, not too little.

To make chipotle, dry ripe jalapenos until they’re almost dry, then smoke them until they’re completely dry. 

Jalapenos don’t lose heat during drying and smoking, and chipotles are just as hot as the regular ones. The only difference is that the quantity reduces as they’re dried.

Most of the time, people buy green jalapenos and wait for them to dry before smoking and grinding them. 

The pepper shrinks when drying and smoking, but it’s the same quality and has the same heat level as the fresh jalapenos. 

You’d need at least ten pounds of jalapenos to make one pound of chipotle. 

Once jalapenos are dried, you can grind them and get your chipotle powder which you can then use to cook any number of dishes. 

Of course, not all chipotle looks the same because there are different varieties of jalapenos, and some peppers can dry or smoke longer than others. 

As a result, one batch of chipotle may be darker than another and vice versa. 


The restaurant’s name is Chipotle, which is also for dried and smoked jalapeno peppers.

The pepper used in most chipotle menu items is the jalapeno pepper. Chipotle uses jalapenos in several meals on the chipotle menu.

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