Sugar-Free Red Bull Discontinued? (Truth Revealed)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:19 pm

Sugar-free Red Bull is a choice for consumers who love energy drinks without added sugar.

This flavor has different types and versions, allowing consumers to choose a favorite. 

You get new flavors from the company from time to time. However, you might find it challenging to get hold of that preferred version later. 

Hence, the discussion about sugar-free Red Bull discontinuation. Many consumers ask if that is the case. 

Sugar-free Red Bull is still in production. There has been no discontinuation of the original version. You can still get your hands on a pack. However, this statement is not the same for the Edition series of the energy drink. Red Bull releases different flavors during the Edition series.

Do They Still Make Sugar-Free Red Bull?

ugar-Free Red Bull Discontinued

Sugar-free Red Bull is still in production for consumers. However, not all flavors are still in production. The Flavor edition series are constantly in and out of production

This difference can be why you find it hard to get a Sugar-free Red Bull. Recently, there have been three different types of Sugar-free Red Bull. 

The Original Sugar-free Red Bull, the Red Bull Purple Edition Sugarfree, and Red Bull Lime Edition Sugarfree.

Only the Original Sugar-free Red Bull is still in continuous production.

The other two might be challenging to find. Red Bull has the habit of releasing different flavors in its edition series. 

The idea is to give consumers a new taste for a while. Production of the original product continues at this time. 

However, the edition is discontinued after a period until the company releases another flavor. 

For example, for 2022, the Red Bull Summer edition is the Apricot Strawberry, while the winter edition is the Fig-Apple. 

This different release is how Red Bull releases different flavors every year and season. But discontinue production after the season has passed. 

Hence, if you develop a liking for any Sugar-free edition series, you might find it unavailable after a while. But the original flavor continues in production. 

On the bright side of things, you have the chance to enjoy new edition series in the future.

They tend to come and go. You might find another taste that suits your preference in another season. 

How Many Sugar-Free Red Bulls Are There?

The Sugar-free Red Bull series changes in number from time to time.

During the “Edition” season, the company releases a new flavor. Hence you have two different flavors.

In and out of production, there are three Sugar-free Red Bulls in various online stores.

Below are some of them. 

  • Red Bull Original Sugarfree
  • Red Bull Lime Edition Sugarfree
  • Red Bull Purple Edition Sugarfree

The good news is that there might be a new flavor of the Sugarfree version in the coming seasons. Until then, these are the choices available. 

Also, suppose you are looking for Red Bull with no sugar content. There is another option other than the Sugar-free series. 

The Red Bull Zero is another choice for you. It is pretty different from the Sugar-free series in terms of content.

However, this energy drink also promises zero sugar. The Red Bull Zero, on the other hand, has no flavor variations.

Meanwhile, the other original series get various flavors from season to season, but Red Bull Zero stays the same. 

So, the Sugar-free version and its seasonal edition plus the Red Bull Zero are the two categories of energy drinks from this company that does not use sugar

What Is the Difference Between a SugarFree Red Bull and Red Bull Zero?

Taste is the main difference between these two popular Red Bull drinks. According to the official website, both are products of the same main ingredients. 

Just like Sugar-free Red Bull, Red Bull Zero also contains no sugar. However, they both have other types of sweeteners. 

Hence, they have the sweet taste that many like, but their tastes differ. You can say the two exist to give consumers the option of picking different tastes. 

Many consumers agree with this fact. The difference in taste means people have a favorite one of the two. 

Some consumers said that the Sugarfree Red Bull has too much “syrup” taste for their liking.

In other reviews, many consider the Sugar-free version to have a more refined taste. 

In terms of caffeine content and energy supply, the two are the same. But there is a difference in the low-calorie sweetener in both. 

Red Bull Zero makes users of Aspartame, Sucralose, and Acesulfame potassium as its three artificial sweeteners. Sugar-free Red Bull only makes use of the last two. 

This difference in sweetener ingredients could contribute to the difference in taste. 

The Sugar-free version has been in production since 2003. The Zero version is newer and has been in production since 2018

You should not confuse this with the 2012 version. That was the Red Bull Total Zero. However, production stopped, and the new version came six years later. 

The idea was to create a drink that was closer to the original taste of Red Bull. 

Which Red Bull Has the Least Caffeine?

The caffeine level in different flavors of Red Bull energy drinks is the same. Each has a concentration of 80 mg for every 8.45 oz drink.

This value is the same across all types. The Red Bull zero and Sugar-free Red Bull are no exception.

They do not use sugar in production, but this change does not affect the caffeine content. 

Concentration is what you will find in a morning cup of coffee. While the caffeine content in energy drinks is the same, the calorie content is not. 

If this fact affects your choice, then you should know that only the caffeine content is the same. 

However, if you include other markets of Red Bull in the search, you have a definite answer. 

The truth is that Red Bull has soda series. These are just typical sodas and are not energy drinks. There are four different soda flavors by Red Bull. 

The Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, and Tonic Water Red Bull have zero calories. The fourth flavor, Simply Cola, has a low-calorie content of 32 mg per 259 ml

In a nutshell, all flavors of Red Bull energy drink have the same calorie content. Hence, whichever flavor you choose, you get the same caffeine content. 

However, if you want drinks from Red Bull with lower calories, the soda edition is for you. 

Here is a table showing the different selected flavors, the calorie content, and the caffeine level.

FlavorsCaffeine Per 8.45oz (oz)Calories Per 8.45oz
Red Bull Original2.7117
Red Bull Editions2.7113
Red Bull Sugarfree2.710
Red Bull Zero2.70
Red Bull Simply Cola1.080
Red Bull Flavors calories and caffeine content


Sugar-free Red Bull remains in production to date. The original version continues to satisfy different consumers. 

The Edition series, on the other hand, might come and go depending on the season, preference, and market response. 

The Red Bull Zero is also available to provide a different taste. There is no major discontinuation other than that of the edition series.

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