Does Pizza Hut Use Frozen Dough? (Must Know Things)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

Everyone loves a fantastic pizza crust because it affects the entire experience when trying out a new pizza place.

Ordinarily, this makes it understandable when people wonder what type of dough Pizza hut uses.

People who prefer frozen dough over fresh dough might lean towards Pizza hut if it uses the former.

You’re at the right place if you’re wondering whether Pizza hut uses frozen or fresh dough.

Pizza hut uses frozen dough in their restaurant chains to achieve their signature pizza crust. However, the cheese stuffed into the pizza crust made from frozen dough is an in-house pizza hut recipe. Despite this, some pizza hut restaurants use freshly made dough for each batch of pizzas daily; it all depends on the location.

In this article, I will clarify whether pizza hut uses frozen or fresh dough and the process for making the dough.

By the end, you’ll know if the frozen dough is as good as fresh dough.

Does Pizza Hut Use Frozen Dough in Pizza?

Does Pizza Hut Use Frozen Dough

Pizza Hut uses frozen dough to make their pizza crust for all the pizzas made available on their menu daily. 

Pizza Hut’s in-house recipe is used to make frozen dough, but it is not made daily.

Instead, the dough is made in bulk and frozen before being supplied to different restaurants in the Pizza Hut chain for daily use.

However, some Pizza Hut restaurants claim they make their dough fresh daily such as the Pizza Hut branch in New Zealand. 

Interestingly, there are just a few differences between frozen-dough and fresh dough, and they are both safe and delicious options for making pizza. 

Some people’s preference for freshly baked food might lead them to believe that pizza made from frozen dough is less sumptuous. 

However, after frozen dough pizza passes through a thorough cooking or baking process, it’s just as sumptuous as fresh dough pizza. 

Below are the differences between fresh-dough pizza and frozen-dough pizza; 

Fresh Dough PizzaFrozen Dough Pizza
It provides a softer pizza texture.It gives your pizza a crunchier texture.
The pizza crust rises higher than frozen dough.The pizza crust rises less than fresh dough.
It is harder to manipulate and might give different results after use.It is easier to manipulate, and it guarantees consistent results.
You have to use it on time.It can be preserved for long periods and used anytime.

Does Pizza Hut Make Their Dough? 

Pizza hut makes its dough; they have a recipe used in-house to produce dough. 

However, many people question this because Pizza Hut is known for using frozen dough to make pizzas daily. 

Unlike what people think, Pizza Hut does not purchase frozen dough from malls; they produce their signature dough in-house. 

Pizza Hut explained in an article regarding their food quality that they get fresh ingredients for their dough from the farm.  

Interestingly, these ingredients are moved from the farms to the kitchens, making the dough quickly while the produce is fresh.

Then, the dough is packed and placed in deep freezers for proper preservation. 

Pizza Hut uses high-protein flour produced in the same farms and mills since 1958 to maintain a consistent dough quality. 

How is Pizza Hut Dough Made? 

Pizza hut dough contains essential ingredients such as protein bread or wheat flour, yeast, salt, sugar, soybean or olive oil, and food preservatives.

Interestingly, pizza hut dough is made in bulk with produce fresh from the farm between 24 to 48 hours before it is stored frozen.

The pizza hut dough recipe is easy to figure out if you have the right ingredients in the proper proportions. 

Below are the steps required to make pizza hut dough in your kitchen with bread flour, yeast, sugar, warm water, and olive oil;

  • Begin by mixing all the ingredients you’ve gathered for the dough.
  • Prepare the flour mixture by adding bread flour, one teaspoon of yeast, a pinch of salt, warm water, and a teaspoon of sugar into a large bowl.
  • Secondly, allow the mixture to rest for ten minutes and ensure that the bubbles have formed before moving to the next step. 
  • Next, rub the newly formed dough with olive oil to retain its moisture and allow it to sit for another twenty minutes.
  • After this, take the dough out of the bowl and place it on a flat surface. Knead the dough thoroughly for ten minutes on a flat surface.
  • Lastly, roll your dough into your preferred shape; your dough is now ready to be baked. 

Is Frozen Pizza Dough as Good as Fresh? 

Frozen pizza dough is just as good as fresh pizza dough as long as you thaw it properly before preparing baked foods.

Even though the fresh dough is easier to work with because you don’t have to get through the thawing process, the frozen dough is still fantastic.

Unlike what many people think, the frozen dough does not lose its taste or quality; it is a preservative method that most businesses employ.

Interestingly, the best way to ensure pizza recipes taste the same is by making dough in bulk and freezing it rather than making it daily.

On the other hand, storing your dough at a warm temperature is unhealthy because it makes it harder to shape. 

It is more advantageous to freeze your leftover dough or dough made in bulk because it preserves the ingredients’ original taste.

Aside from those above, you can derive other benefits from using frozen dough daily instead of fresh dough.

Below are the benefits of using frozen dough to make pizzas or other baked goods; 

  • Frozen dough lets you focus daily on the other parts of making pizza, such as perfecting the sauce and the toppings.
  • Frozen dough reduces the preparation time for pizzas; if you thaw it early in the day, it allows you to make pizzas faster.
  • Frozen dough is easy to manipulate into any shape you desire after thawing.
  • Frozen dough preserves the freshness of your ingredients or recipe while reducing your overall baking and prepping time.
  • Frozen dough allows you to maintain your baked goods’ consistent flavor and texture daily.
  • Frozen dough reduces wastage significantly in a business because you can preserve unused dough by freezing it for days.
  • Frozen dough increases the availability of baked goods because you can store it for months without losing its quality.
  • Frozen dough is cost-effective and time-saving when it is outsourced instead of made in-house.
  • Frozen dough is healthy for consumption because it is hidden from moisture or air that can alter its texture and attract mold.
  • The frozen dough can last you for as long as four months when appropriately preserved.
  • The frozen dough keeps your dough mixture fresh for every use; it is the safest way to preserve dough and ward off bacteria.


Does Pizza Hut Still Use Frozen Dough? 

Pizza Hut still uses frozen dough for the pizzas available on its menu. However, the frozen dough is made using pizza hut’s recipe.

Does Pizza Hut Make Fresh Dough? 

Pizza Hut makes the fresh dough in bulk and preserves it in freezers to make pizzas daily. However, some branches boast of making fresh dough daily.

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