Can I Bring Hotel Breakfast To My Room? (Explained)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Most hotels provide complimentary breakfast for their guests, which is so inviting that no one ever wishes to miss it. Sadly, this breakfast is only served at the hotel restaurant.

And because you may find eating in your room more comfortable. You desire to know if you can bring the hotel breakfast to your room instead. Now, here’s a quick answer to that.

Although some termed it unethical to bring hotel continental breakfast to your room, it is possible to do so. All you need do is ask the hotel staff when in doubt. While some hotels do not mind, others do not permit it.

Can You Bring Breakfast Back To Your Hotel Room?

Hotel Breakfast To My Room

You can bring breakfast from the hotel restaurant or buffet back to your hotel room. Although, the hotel continental breakfast is served for consumption at the restaurant.

However, you don’t need to eat there as you can freely take the meal to your hotel room.

Some hotels even provide to-go boxes for guests who desire to take the hotel continental breakfast back to their suites.

However, many prefer the hotel breakfast buffets served to order the room service menu, which in some hotels is different from that served at the hotel breakfast buffet and is often not free. 

Although, it is not the same in every hotel.

Most high-end hotels do not allow any food movement from the point of service, except in some rare cases such as sick, disabled, or sometimes aged guests who may not be able to come to the restaurant to eat.

And such individuals are served only by the room service team.

One of the reasons for this restriction is that the food prepared by the hotel chef is for immediate consumption or to be eaten at a particular temperature and place.

The foods are served and presented according to Food Safety Standards to ensure that the food is properly guarded and served at a healthy temperature suitable for your wellbeing. 

But when people are allowed to take such food away from the point of service, they may not eat it immediately or reserve some to eat later.

It may lead to stomach discomfort later on, and in the end, the hotel management receives the blame

Another reason is that the food is served at the restaurant or buffet so the staff can clean up immediately after breakfast.

But when you take the hotel continental breakfast to your hotel room, it will only lead to extra work for the staff. So, why the stress when you can easily eat in the meals hotel room?

 And if you’re too weak or for whatever reason, you can make it to breakfast. You can order room service breakfast which is usually identical to that served in the buffet.

Not only that, taking food away from the buffet to your room to eat later is usually considered poor-mannered.

While taking breakfast from the hotel breakfast buffet to your room is possible, it is bad to show up and start picking pieces of stuff to take to your room.

It is best you eat right there and grab just a few things to your room rather than going with a tray of food from the buffet to your room; this is an abuse of the buffet system.

What Do I Need to Do to Bring My Hotel Breakfast to My Room?

When taking food to your room becomes a necessity. Here are certain rules you must abide by.

First of all, you must be a paying guest at the hotel. Not just a guest but one that has stayed overnight to qualify you for a hotel breakfast buffet.

You should not go close to the breakfast buffet area if you’re only visiting a friend or a family member or staying outside the hotel.

The breakfast is meant only for paying guests who are lodging in the hotel.

Also, it would be best to ask before taking anything away from the hotel breakfast buffets. The breakfast served is meant to be eaten right there.

But, if you need to take some food out for any reason, do well to ask the staff assigned to attend to the breakfast area.

They are in the best position to tell if you can take some food away from the premises or not. In some cases, taking food out without permission may be considered stealing.

Moreso, make sure to grab what you can eat for breakfast when you’re permitted to take some food away.

Stuffing your plate with so much food and heading towards your room can attract stares.

Instead, take what you can eat at a time, and if you must take more food for more than one person, you can always seek help from the staff.

Advisably, you should wait until the end of the serving session or during slower periods when guests are less and the staff is ready to gather items before you begin picking food for your room.

And because most of the breakfast food-beverage does not last long. Do well to take only the amount you can consume immediately.

Finally, ensure proper table etiquette when going to the hotel buffet to have breakfast. A few of them are listed below:

  • Do not go to the hotel breakfast buffets in your pajamas or slippers. Dress well but not with shoes.
  • Use the utensils that are for you at the table. Utensils such as spatulas, tongs, spoons, and so on. They are for use and not for decoration. Avoid using your bare hands to pick anything.
  • Keep yourself and the buffet area clean while and after eating. 
  • Do not take more than you can eat as your regular breakfast. Don’t be greedy.
  • Get your food, eat and leave the area. It would help if you were on the go. That’s not a place to linger or press your phone while waiting to get hungry again.

It is, however, essential that when you’re in a hotel where they serve a free breakfast buffet, you should treat it the same way you’d treat a restaurant buffet. 


You can always bring your meals to your hotel room if you prefer the room to the hotel restaurant.

However, you’ll do well first to understand the hotel policy to know if taking food from the restaurant to the room is permitted or not. The reason is that not all hotels allow it. So, be guided.

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