Does Pizza Hut Still Have Personal Pan Pizza? (Explained)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

In a bid to improve your brand and make it into something bigger than it was, you will need to scrape away some things.

For over some years, pizza hut has been remarkable for their pizza thin crispy delicacy. And they have not stopped delivering the class of pizza that is expected of them by their customers. 

However, other companies are struggling to attain the height of pizza hut and go beyond it. So, it is obvious pizza hut would carry out some restructuring to still maintain its past glories. 

Sure, pizza hut still has personal pan pizza. The only thing is that it has been revamped to an even crispier and mouth-watering delicacy. Pizza hut only revamped the personal pan pizza by combining different elements. This restructuring involves the pan, the sauce, and the cheese blend. Personal pan pizza can now be called ” unique pan pizza.”

What Is The Size Of Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza?

Pizza Hut Still Have Personal Pan Pizza

The size of Pizza Hut’s pan pizza is 8 inches. Therefore, it is the smallest size of pizza via ranking, and it is called personal pan pizza because it is made to accommodate an individual.

However, the pan pizza personal size can also serve two persons since it contains about 4 to 6 slices.

Personal pan pizza is the smallest size of the pizza, as mentioned earlier. There are also pan pizza medium and pan pizza large.

With each having a size of 12 inches and 14 inches, respectively. Other things like the slices and the number of persons it can feed increase with size.

Can You Order Personal Pan Pizza From Pizza Hut Online?

You can order and get your pan pizza online from Pizza Hut. Notwithstanding the numbers of Pizza Hut scattered worldwide, they have made it available online.

And this is to ensure that everyone enjoys their pizza brand’s thin, crispy feeling.

Due to one issue, people often face the challenge of ordering a personal pan pizza online. If you are part of such persons, you must pay attention to this.

Top complaints by people are that personal pan pizza is not available online.

It is very much available online, so you do not know how to access it. The way Pizza Hut is built online is backward.

You have to put that at the back of your mind; else, you will find it difficult to order personal pan pizza online.

Select the pan crust option displayed. The option to order personal pan pizza will appear for you.

What Kind Of Personal Pan Pizzas Does Pizza Hut Have?

Pizza Hut has about five (5) different kinds of pan pizzas. There are;

  • Meat lovers’ pan pizza
  • Barbecue lovers’ pan pizza
  • Pepperoni lovers’ pan pizza
  • Cheese lovers’ pan pizza and 
  • Veggie lovers’ pan pizza 

The different kinds of personal pan pizzas serve customers’ distinct preferences. If you are the type that loves meat so much, the meat pan pizza is indeed the right choice for you.

It has meat as its main element. However, if you are a barbecue fan, then the second kind of pan pizza Is the deal for you.

Some people tend to prefer a pizza that has a crispy red appearance. If you are such a person, pepperoni pan pizza is in store for you.

The next kind of pizza is not a fan of toppings, so it has a plain cheese-like appearance. The cheese pan pizza is also a delight to consume. Finally, the veggie personal pan pizza.

It is for people who are obsessed with vegetables.

This kind of pizza comes stocked with multiple vegetables ranging from onion, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, e.t.c.

So you don’t have to wonder about the kind of pizzas available if you plan on getting a pan pizza personal-sized delicacy. 

Medium and large sizes of pizzas come in pizza hand-tossed, stuffed crust, thin N crispy, and skinny slices.

The personal-sized pizza only comes in the form of a pan pizza, unlike both the medium and large sizes.

What Does a Personal Pan Pizza From Pizza Hut Look Like?

A personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut looks like the real deal. It has a crispy and mouth-watering appearance adorned with condiments ranging from onions, mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, and sausages.

Pizza Hut pan pizzas look very enticing to the eyes.

People often say, “it is not about looks but taste.” I will not try to condemn that statement.

Instead, I would rather add a little light to shift your attention from focusing too much on that phrase.

The pizza would probably end up in the mouth at the end of the day, so their taste also comes in handy.

However, the first attraction you get before you want to eat that pizza is with the eyes.

Personal pizza’s thin crispy look that comes from the mild medium-burning of the pizza balances the argument of looks and taste.

And this is the exact description of a pizza from Pizza Hut.

How Much Is A Pizza Hut Personal Pan?

A Pizza Hut personal pan pizza costs roughly $9.99. However, this price varies according to the kind of personal pan pizza you want.

So, you can get personal pan pizzas cut across the different kinds within the range of $4

There are few variations in the cost of pizzas since there are five (5) kinds of personal pan pizzas in Pizza Hut.

The difference in cost is in cents, and it is only one of the kinds of personal pan pizza that is off the price tag.

For example, the Pizza Hut cheese pizza cost 4.29 USD, while the others cost 4.79 USD.

How Many Slices Are In A Personal Pan Pizza From Pizza Hut?

There are four (4) to six (6) slices of pizzas in a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. The pan pizza personal size is not for a family; as the name suggests, it is a personal pizza.

It is meant for a single person and could be enough for two persons depending on how a person consumes pizza.

You will surely find more pizzas slices in a pan pizza medium and large sizes. The medium and large sizes are for families or an association of more than two persons.

For example, there are eight (8) slices of pizzas in a hand-tossed medium-sized pizza. At the same time, the large size comes with twelve (12) slices of pizza.


The personal pan pizza comes to mind if you want to take a pizza break from work. So there is no way pan pizza personal would be discontinued.

That is why pan pizza worked hard to revamp the person pan pizza to keep up with competitors.

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